Hello, my name is John Givot.
When I was little, I used to use my mother's camera. In high school, she bought me my own, a used Canon AE-1. I continued to take pictures and took the art photography classes that were offered at Colorado College, where I got a degree in physics. When I was twenty five, I finally bought a digital camera, a top of the line lens to go with it and a laptop, and began shooting professionally.
That next year I travelled to Africa with the dual purpose of kayaking in Uganda and photographing and writing about life on the river there. I returned to the US after three months to start a graduate degree program at the School of Journalism and Communication, at the University of Oregon. I had a few photography jobs and internships from school, the most recent being an internship at the Oregonian, in Portland, OR.
Since then, I have been working professionally, doing freelance photography, and traveling and volunteering. I have been back and forth between Central Oregon, where my family lives, and Seattle.
Please contact me if you need a photographer, in either Washington or Oregon. I look forward to hearing from you.